2nd day


2nd day

27 September 2018

3rd Session: Farmer’s and processors’ income support and protection mechanisms
How to deal with increasing dairy price volatility in Europe: the role of futures, new dairy price models, and other risk management strategies
How to secure the future of the dairy sector? – new forms in supply chain (stocks, platforms, hubs)
Risk and Securing Income: Perspectives from a New Zealand based dairy Cooperatives

4rd Session: Opportunities created by domestic and EU investment funds and stabilisation packages for the sector
Innovative dairy – the opportunity to raise funds for investments (Rural Development Programme ARMA, KOWR)
Changes in law concerning plastic packagings
Investment opportunities using funds of European Investment Bank through the mechanism EFSI
Practical aspects of investments funding in dairy processing
Innovative dairy products
Investing in the Future: Case Valio
20:00 – 2018 DCF Gala Awards
Gala dinner

Results of the 12th Dairy Cooperatives Ranking




1st day

26 September 2018

1st Session: Current state of the dairy sector in context of the implemented and planned policy
Situation on the Polish dairy market and government actions to prevent further crises
The opportunities and threats for EU dairy sector in 2018-2020 with particular reference to Common Agricultural Policy
New trends on the global dairy market
Agreements and policies shaping dairy trade
Current trends in the dairy sector
The anticipated evolution of trade relations between the EU and United Kingdom after BREXIT

2nd Session: The financial assumptions in the new financial perspective of CAP with particular reference to milk suppliers and processors. The opportunities and threats.
Challanges and conditional of sustainable and  intelligent developmentof  the European agriculture in the context of growing impact of external conditions and importance of innovation
Situation in the dairy sector in light of the new financial perspective
Amendments in the Common Market Organisation – intervention mechanisms and milk package
Will the reform of the CAP imply a reform of EU dairy?

19:30/20:00 – outdoor dinner

3rd day

28 September 2018

12:00 – check out
The end of the 16th Dairy Cooperatives Forum